Albion Soccer Club- Idaho’s Best Youth Soccer Program

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Club Details

(208) 901-3916

Meridian, Idaho

Club Description

The ALBION Soccer Club in Idaho is a program that focuses on player development and team building. The club uses a standardized curriculum that trains the players and coaches in the same way, following the “ALBION Way”. This system aims to develop the players’ technical skills, tactical awareness, and competitive mindset.

The club expects every player to master the “Core Curriculum” of ALBION SC, which gives them the best foundation to play the game. The club also emphasizes possession and movement off the ball, as well as decision making on the ball. The club believes in traveling and competing with other regional and national teams, to expose the players to different playing conditions and styles of play.

The club’s goal is to advance ALBION SC players to the college and professional level, by providing them with the best environment to develop and succeed. The club is influenced by US Soccer and the US Development Academy, and follows their methods and approach. The club’s philosophy and curriculum are fully executed by the club’s structure and organization.

The ALBION Soccer Club is not just a soccer club, but a club atmosphere. The club fosters a sense of community and belonging among the players, coaches, and parents. The club also promotes values such as respect, discipline, and sportsmanship. The club strives to create a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The ALBION Soccer Club is one of the best soccer clubs in Southern California, and has a proven track record of producing high-quality players and teams. The club offers various programs and opportunities for players of different ages and levels. The club is always looking for new talent and welcomes anyone who wants to join the ALBION family.