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Anchorage, Alaska

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Cook Inlet SC in Anchorage, Alaska (CISC) is the largest and most successful youth soccer club in Alaska. It offers both recreational and competitive programs for kids ages 3-18. CISC has a long history of excellence, winning more than 68 state championships and over 100 local and national tournaments. CISC also helps players achieve their goals of playing at the next level, whether it is college, professional or national teams.

The club’s mission is to develop, promote and administer the best soccer programs in Alaska for the development of youth on and off the field. CISC aims to teach and apply life skills such as communication, teamwork, time management, responsibility, discipline and respect. CISC also strives to increase access to its programs so that all players have the chance to participate regardless of financial circumstances.

CISC is a nonprofit organization and a member of the Alaska Youth Soccer Association, which is part of the United States Youth Soccer Association. The club is run by the most experienced staff in Alaska and governed by a volunteer board of directors according to the club’s bylaws. CISC also engages the community to be involved with the club through a variety of alliances, partnerships and networks.

The club’s competitive program is the most successful in the state, winning eight state champions with an additional three finalists in the twelve divisions in which CISC teams competed. CISC is the only club in Alaska to have five teams invited to play in the US Youth Soccer National League, which is the highest level of youth soccer in the country. CISC’s competitive teams train year-round and travel to regional and national tournaments.

The club’s recreational program is the largest in Anchorage and the only recreational program that plays in The Dome, Alaska’s premier indoor facility, during the fall and winter months. Cook Inlet SC’s recreational teams play in a fun and friendly environment, where the focus is on learning the game and having fun. CISC’s recreational teams also have the opportunity to participate in local tournaments and festivals.