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Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Ann Arbor United Soccer Club in Michigan, established in 1983, has a rich history of competitive success across various leagues and tournaments. With a motto that emphasizes resilience and determination, the club has become a symbol of never giving up, regardless of the game’s outcome. Their adult teams have achieved championship victories in prestigious leagues and represented Michigan in national competitions.

With a commitment to nurturing talent, the club has been instrumental in the development of both adult and youth soccer in the local community. The youth program, which started in 2000, offers a range of opportunities for young players to engage in soccer at different levels, including Premier, Select, and Recreation1. An academy program caters to the youngest enthusiasts, preparing them for future travel team participation.

Coaches and players from the club have played pivotal roles in local high school triumphs, and many have advanced to play at the collegiate level. The club’s teams consistently compete in top divisions, earning state and national recognition for their skillful play and sportsmanship.


The organization is not just about soccer; it’s about building a better community. Through active involvement, the club fosters a sense of teamwork and personal growth among its members. This dedication extends beyond the field, contributing to the overall development of athletes as individuals.

For those interested in joining or learning more, Ann Arbor United Soccer Club maintains an open line of communication through various channels. They encourage community engagement and are always looking for new members to join their dynamic and active organization.