AYSO Carson City Soccer Club – Nevada’s Best Youth Soccer Program

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Carson City, Nevada

Club Description

AYSO Carson City Soccer Club in Nevada is a volunteer-run organization that provides world class youth soccer programs for children aged 4 to 18 in Carson City, Nevada. The club’s vision is to enrich children’s lives through soccer, and its mission is to deliver quality programs that are safe, fair, and fun.

The club follows AYSO’s Six Philosophies, which are: Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Positive Coaching, Open Registration, Good Sportsmanship, and Player Development. These philosophies ensure that every child has a chance to play soccer, learn new skills, and enjoy the game in a positive environment.

The club offers various programs for different age groups and skill levels, such as recreational soccer, competitive soccer, soccer camps, and the Comstock Shootout tournament. The club also provides online and in-person training for coaches and referees, as well as other volunteer opportunities for parents and community members.

The club is part of AYSO Section 2, which covers Northern California, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. The club is affiliated with AYSO National, which is the largest single-entity youth soccer association in the U.S. with over 500,000 players and 50,000 volunteers.

AYSO Carson City Soccer Club is a great place for children to play soccer, make friends, and have fun. The club welcomes anyone who wants to join its soccer family and support its values and goals. For more information, visit the club’s website or follow its social media accounts.