Ballard Youth Soccer Club – Washington’s Best Youth Soccer Program

Club Details

(253) 476-2237

Ballard, Washington

Club Description

The Ballard Youth Soccer Club in Ballard, Washington is dedicated to fostering a love for soccer among young players in Seattle’s northwest neighborhoods. Open to all youths aged 4-18, the club emphasizes a safe and positive environment where learning and enjoyment of the game are paramount. Experience isn’t a barrier; the club welcomes everyone, from beginners to more seasoned players.

At the heart of the club’s philosophy is the development of positive self-esteem and sportsmanship in its players. This is achieved through the collaborative efforts of coaches and parents, who serve as role models and guides in this journey. The club’s commitment to these values is unwavering, ensuring that every player benefits from a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

As a volunteer-run, non-profit organization, the club thrives on the dedication and passion of its community members. Their collective efforts make it possible to field teams across various age groups and skill levels, providing a comprehensive soccer experience for all involved.

The club is also an integral part of the larger soccer community, being one of the 14 member clubs that form the Seattle Youth Soccer Association. This affiliation allows the club to operate under established guidelines and participate in a network that spans the state and connects to national and international soccer organizations.

For those interested in joining the fall league, registration opens annually in May, with the club actively updating its community through its website and social media channels. This proactive communication ensures that potential players and their families are well-informed about upcoming events and opportunities to engage with the club.