Dakota Alliance Soccer Club in Sioux Falls – South Dakota’s Best Youth Soccer Program

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Club Description

About Dakota Alliance Soccer Club:

Dakota Alliance Soccer Club (DASC) is a 501C3 Soccer Youth Organization that caters to boys and girls aged 3 to 19 years. Formed through a merger between two prominent soccer clubs—Dakota Gold Soccer Club and Sioux Falls Soccer Association—DASC provides a wide range of soccer experiences for youth in Sioux Falls and surrounding communities. Whether recreational or competitive, DASC aims to foster a love for soccer while emphasizing skill development.

Programs and Opportunities:

DASC offers a variety of developmental programs for players aged 3 to 19. From the Youth Development Academy to seasonal opportunities, they focus on creating a safe, fun, and fair soccer environment. Whether you’re new to soccer or a returning player, DASC has programs tailored to your needs.

Community Involvement and Stewardship:

As a non-profit organization, DASC responsibly utilizes its resources to benefit the club, partners, sponsors, and the broader community. They actively recruit players, volunteers, coaches, and referees, working collaboratively with affiliated organizations to achieve shared goals.

Passion and Expectations:

DASC instills passion for soccer in everyone involved—staff, volunteers, coaches, players, supporters, and sponsors. They expect 100% effort and emotional investment in every role. Beyond Sioux Falls, DASC aims to create and promote soccer culture across South Dakota and the Midwest.

Leadership and Vision:

DASC aspires to be nationally recognized as an advocate and leader in both recreational and competitive youth soccer. Their commitment to enjoyment, leadership, stewardship, and passion drives their mission to provide quality soccer experiences for the youth of the region.