Hawaii United in Honolulu – Hawaii’s Best Youth Soccer Program

Club Details

Honolulu, Hawaii

Club Description

Hawaii United in Honolulu, Hawaii is a soccer club that aims to engage youth in team sports and promote a healthy lifestyle. The club offers two tracks for players: competitive and developmental. Competitive teams enter leagues when they are ready, while developmental teams play non-competitive scrimmages with other clubs.

The club follows a ‘Player Development Curriculum’ that is based on a possession-based attacking system. The curriculum includes explicit statements of what the players need to learn and how the coaches will assess their performance. The curriculum also covers the principles of play, such as penetration, support, width, and finishing.

The club strives to create smart, complete soccer players who can adapt to the changing circumstances of the game. The club focuses on developing four areas of skills: technical, tactical, physical, and psychological. Technical skills are the ability to execute individual skills, such as dribbling, passing, and shooting. Tactical skills are the ability to make decisions and gain an advantage on the field. Physical skills are the ability to be strong and resilient. Psychological skills are the ability to use emotions to one’s advantage.

The club has a structured, developmental environment that requires common standards and benchmarks for trainers, players, and parents. The club uses a table to illustrate the relative workload for each skill in a given year for each age group. The table shows the areas of emphasis and the areas of no emphasis for each skill.

Hawaii United also has a distinctive crest that represents its identity and values. The crest features the fiftieth star of the United States flag, the stripes of the flag of Hawaii, the white Puloʻuloʻu or kapu sticks, the team name, and the gold laurel. The crest symbolizes the club’s achievement, success, and respect for the Hawaiian culture.