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Jackson Hole , Wyoming

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Jackson Hole Youth Soccer Club in Wyoming is a program that offers an excellent soccer education and the opportunity to play the greatest game in the world: soccer. The club believes that soccer teaches life-long skills that can be utilized to take advantage of opportunities in soccer and other personal life pursuits.

The club has a strong set of core values that reinforce everything that the program stands for and aims to achieve. These values are: Team Work, Development, Integrity, Commitment, Competitiveness, and Fun. All players, coaches, and family members within the program are instrumental in creating an environment that promotes these values.

The club provides a pathway open to all soccer players who wish to participate, allowing them to reach their full potential. The club offers age and developmental appropriate programming geared toward long term success and enjoyment over short-term outcome. The club also provides uniforms and scholarships for players who need them.

The club is run by a board of directors, consisting of 13 members, who oversee the mission and vision of the program. The club also has a staff directory, which includes the executive director, the director of coaching, the technical director, and the administrative assistant. The club also has a coaching philosophy, which guides the coaches in their teaching and mentoring of the players.

Jackson Hole Youth Soccer Club is a proud member of the Jackson Hole community and strives to contribute to its well-being and development. The club is grateful for the support of its sponsors, who help make the program possible. The club also has a membership handbook, which contains important information and policies for the members.