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Kansas City, Kansas

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KC Blaze in Kansas City, Kansas is a soccer club that offers various programs for players of different ages, genders, and skill levels. Whether you live north, south or east of the city, you can join one of their teams and enjoy the benefits of professional coaching, competitive leagues, and fun camps.

One of the programs that KC Blaze offers is the annual summer camp in collaboration with Midwest Athletic Connection (MAC). This camp is for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 18, and it focuses on advanced technical footwork and fitness with the ball during the off-season3. The camp is held in both the northland and southland locations.

Another program that KC Blaze offers is the Youth Summer Soccer League, which is open to all teams in the KC Metro area. This summer soccer league is for youth players ages 8 through 18, and it provides them with a competitive off-season playing experience that will increase their touches on the ball and improve their individual and team skills. The league is coach/parent led and designed by KC Blaze and MAC.

KC Blaze also offers the Mini Me’s program, which is a unique opportunity for young players to receive professional training at near recreational cost. Every child, no matter their athletic ability, receives quality coaching in a positive and fun environment. The KC Blaze Mini Me Program emphasizes development, not wins or losses. The program is for parents who want to give their child a positive start with soccer.

If you are interested in joining KC Blaze, you can contact one of their coaches in your child’s age group and they will help you find the right team for you. You can also contact Ben Popoola, the Director of Coaching, for more information. KC Blaze is a soccer club that aims to provide the best soccer experience for players of all levels and backgrounds.