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Lincoln, Nebraska

Club Description

FC Lincoln is a soccer club based in Lincoln, Nebraska, that aims to equip young athletes with life skills and values through the game of soccer. The club was founded in 2010 as a subset of teams within the Lincoln Spirit Soccer Club, and later became an independent non-profit organization in 2019. FC Lincoln offers a safe, competitive, and welcoming soccer environment for players and families of all ages and skill levels.

The club’s mission is to help its players succeed in life, both on and off the field, by developing a strong heart, a strong mind, and the will to overcome any obstacle. The club’s vision is to foster individual and team development, focusing on technical, tactical, physical, and mental aspects of the game. FC Lincoln also strives to instill its core values of teamwork, integrity, sportsmanship, accountability, and leadership in its players, coaches, and parents.

FC Lincoln has a qualified and experienced staff of coaches who are dedicated to providing the best soccer education and guidance to the players. The coaches follow a curriculum that is aligned with the club’s philosophy and goals, and that is designed to challenge and inspire the players to reach their full potential. The coaches also emphasize the importance of having fun and enjoying the game, while respecting the opponents, the referees, and the rules.

FC Lincoln participates in various leagues and tournaments throughout the year, both locally and regionally. The club also provides opportunities for its players to compete at the highest level of youth soccer in the country, such as the US Youth Soccer National League and the US Club Soccer National Premier Leagues. FC Lincoln has a proven track record of success, having won multiple state championships and regional titles, as well as producing several college and professional players.

As of June 1, 2023, FC Lincoln has joined the Sporting Nebraska FC organization as part of its Lincoln program. This partnership will allow FC Lincoln to benefit from the resources and support of a larger soccer network, while maintaining its identity and culture. FC Lincoln is excited to be part of the Sporting Nebraska FC family, and looks forward to continuing its tradition of excellence and service to the Lincoln soccer community.