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Great Falls, Montana

Club Description

Montana Rush Soccer Club in Great Falls is a community-based organization that promotes the sport of soccer for players of all ages and abilities. The club offers recreational leagues, competitive teams, and coaching education for its members. Montana Rush Soccer Club aims to provide a fun and positive learning environment for everyone who loves soccer.

The club’s mission statement is to provide opportunities for players to experience and learn the sport of soccer in an enjoyable environment. The club also encourages players to seek the highest level of play for which they are suited. Montana Rush Soccer Club is committed to promoting excellence in its players both in ability and in their lives.

The club’s philosophy is to focus on the fundamental aspects of the game and the developmental age of the participants. The club believes that fun and enjoyment of the game are the most important elements for success. Montana Rush Soccer Club wants to challenge the players with attainable goals and help them raise their self-esteem.

The club’s core values are accountability, advice, empathy, enjoyment, humility, leadership, passion, respect, safety, tenacity, and unity. These values guide the club’s actions and decisions and reflect the club’s culture and identity. Montana Rush Soccer Club strives to uphold these values in everything it does.

The club’s contact information is available on its website, where you can also find more details about its programs, policies, staff, and board of directors. You can also follow the club on social media and check out its team store. Montana Rush Soccer Club welcomes anyone who wants to join its soccer family and share its passion for the game.