Omaha United Soccer Club – Nebraska’s Best Youth Soccer Program

Club Details


Omaha, Nebraska

Club Description

We are thrilled to announce that Omaha United Soccer Club is embarking on its fourth year of serving families in and around Omaha, Nebraska!

Mission Statement:

At Omaha United Soccer Club, we provide the training, environment, and opportunities necessary for all players to reach their full potential. Our focus extends beyond the field, emphasizing character development and a genuine love for soccer.


We envision an Omaha where every child, regardless of race, gender, or socio-economic status, has access to a high-quality soccer program. Our program not only imparts technical skills essential for the game but also cultivates character traits vital for life.

United is where development takes root, greatness thrives, and memories endure!

Club Directors:

Our experienced Directors bring decades of playing and coaching expertise:

  • Jose Vargas: Director of Coaching and Girls’ Director
  • Jovan Sudar: Technical Director and Boys’ Director
  • Danka Vargas: Director of Goalkeeping and Administrative Director

Directors’ Comments:

Jose Vargas: With over sixteen years of experience working with various clubs in the Omaha area, I am excited to create something exceptional at Omaha United. My passion lies in supporting soccer athletes and the community.

Jovan Sudar: Joining Omaha United Soccer Club allows me to bring my vision of “One Team, One Heart” to more kids. This endeavor is unique and special in Nebraska. My goal is to develop players across all levels of the game, and I couldn’t be prouder to be part of this club.