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Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Pride Soccer Club in Colorado Springs, Colorado is a non-profit soccer club that offers a quality soccer experience for youth players of different ages and skill levels. The club was founded in 1994 by four parents who saw the need for a family oriented soccer program in their local community. Today, Pride is one of the largest youth soccer clubs in the state, with about 4800 players on over 350 teams.

The club’s mission is to raise the level of soccer in the community by providing a safe, positive and challenging environment for the players. The club also aims to instill a sense of opportunity, confidence and teamwork in the players, and to help them develop their soccer skills and potential. Pride follows the KidSafe Program to promote the health, safety and protection of youth soccer players.

Pride offers four main soccer programs for its players: Recreational, Intermediate, Junior Academy and Competitive. Recreational soccer is for players aged 4 to 14 who want to have fun and learn the basics of the game. Intermediate soccer is for players aged 9 to 10 who want to transition from recreational to competitive soccer. Junior Academy soccer is for players aged 9 to 10 who want to play at a higher level and prepare for competitive soccer. Competitive soccer is for players aged 11 to 19 who want to play at the highest level and compete in local, state and regional tournaments.

Pride’s soccer programs are designed to meet the needs and interests of each player, and to provide them with the appropriate level of challenge and support. The club’s coaches are qualified and experienced, and they follow the United Soccer Coaches and USSF coaching curriculum. The club also offers various training opportunities, camps, clinics and events for the players throughout the year.

Pride Soccer Club is affiliated with Colorado Youth Soccer, US Youth Soccer, US Soccer Federation, USL and FIFA. The club is devoted to doing what’s right for kids, and to fostering a lifelong passion for soccer in its players. Pride is more than just a soccer club, it is a soccer family.