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Salem, Oregon

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Capital FC in Salem, Oregon is more than a soccer club. It is a mission-driven organization that uses soccer as a vehicle to enrich kids’ lives. It offers professional, developmental, and player-focused soccer programs for kids of all ages and skill levels. It also strives to develop excellent soccer players and responsible citizens, using soccer as a tool to create a diverse, strong, connected, and caring community.

The club has a history of excellence and innovation, dating back to 1993 when it was founded as Salem United Soccer Club. It has been a pioneer of soccer in the capital city, built on a tradition of excellence. It has won state championships, competed in national leagues, and partnered with prestigious organizations such as Coerver Coaching and Portland Timbers. It has also acquired the rights to the Timbers U23 USL2 Franchise, which provides a pathway for aspiring players to reach the professional level.

The club has three pillars that guide its philosophy and vision: better soccer, better people, and stronger community. It aims to provide the best soccer education and experience for its players, using the Coerver method of individual technical development. It also uses soccer as a way to teach life skills and values, such as teamwork, respect, leadership, and perseverance. It fosters a culture of excellence, hunger, and family among its members. It also uses soccer as a way to serve and strengthen the community, through initiatives such as GRASSP, scholarships, TOPSoccer, and youth referee academy.

The club has a variety of programs and resources to cater to the needs and interests of its players and families. It has programs for different age groups and levels, such as Mighty Mites, Recreational, Competitive, Junior Academy, Pre-Academy, and Academy. It also has programs for different seasons and formats, such as Winter Youth Indoor League, Adult Soccer, and Coerver Offerings. It has a state-of-the-art facility, Pioneer Sports Park, which is its home and training ground. It also has a field map, an online store, policies and parent resources, and a report a concern feature on its website.

Capital FC also hosts and participates in various events and tournaments throughout the year, such as Capital Cup, Labor Day, Indoor Holiday, Spring Break Bash, Auction, and Golf Tournament. These events and tournaments provide opportunities for the players to showcase their skills, compete with other teams, and have fun. They also help the club to raise funds, promote its brand, and engage with the community.