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Salt Lake City, Utah

Club Description

Salt Lake City FC in Utah is a youth soccer club that offers a premier-level experience for every child, regardless of age, skill level, or background. The club’s mission is to create a nurturing environment where players can develop, learn, and have fun playing the beautiful game. The club also aims to empower players to think independently, solve problems, and adapt swiftly to any situation they encounter on the field.

The club’s approach to youth soccer is based on encouraging each player to explore, experiment, and discover what works best for their personal growth in the sport. The club’s dedicated coaches bring their A-game every day and expect nothing less than the absolute best from their athletes. The club’s ultimate goal is to instill a deep love for the game in every player, paving the way for their growth as both exceptional athletes and outstanding individuals as they journey through life.

The club’s expectations of commitment are simple: try your best to attend all practices and games, communicate to the coach if you cannot, and come to practice prepared with the appropriate gear and clothing. The club also notes that children learn and grow at different speeds, and there may be changes within teams and training as coaches deem necessary.

The club’s practices and games are scheduled throughout the year, with breaks during the winter holidays. The club has outdoor practices during summer, fall, and spring, and indoor practices during winter. The club participates in a comp league called the Midvale League, which is included in the club’s fees. The club also has the option to join an indoor league during winter, which is an extra fee. The club’s fees are $554 for the year, and the club offers many different financing options and payment plans. The club’s uniforms are $180 and are worn for two years.

The club’s primary form of communication is Team Snap, an app where you can see schedules, messages, and updates from coaches and other club members. The club also has an email, an Instagram account, and a website where you can find more information about the club and its staff. If you are interested in joining Salt Lake City FC, you can check out their website for tryout dates and registration forms. Let’s provide your child with the premier-level experience they deserve and unleash their true potential!