Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club – South Dakota’s Best Youth Soccer Program

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Rapid City, South Dakota

Club Description

About Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club:

The Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club emerged from the merger of the Rapid City Youth Soccer League and the Rushmore Soccer Club in 2014. This collaboration, in partnership with the Colorado Rapids, aims to create a comprehensive pathway for soccer players in the community. From recreational programs with 1,200-1,500 players to tryout opportunities with the Colorado Rapids Development Academy (CO Rapids DA) and the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), the club caters to youth soccer players in the West River area.

Player-Centered Training Curriculum:

The club’s competitive teams follow an innovative player-centered training curriculum based on the four pillars of soccer: technical, tactical, physical, and mental development. Professional coaches receive continuous training and education, ensuring a high standard of coaching.

Affiliation with Colorado Rapids:

As an affiliate partner of the Colorado Rapids through the Rapids adidas Alliance, the Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club collaborates with “sister clubs” such as the Rio Rapids Soccer Club and the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club. This alliance provides a unique pathway for players, ranging from recreational levels to professional aspirations.

Individualized Growth and Confidence:

The club’s philosophy revolves around grouping players by ability and mindset. By creating an environment where players can build confidence and develop at their own pace, the Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club ensures that every player has the opportunity to reach their individual goals.

Academy Program and Recommendations:

The Academy program, the club’s most competitive offering, challenges players to excel. It competes against top teams and events nationally, emphasizing growth over mere victories. As players progress to the top club level, they receive recommendations for training, guest playing, or trying out for the Colorado Rapids Development Academy (CO Rapids DA) and the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL).