Montana Surf Soccer Club in Bozeman – Montana’s Best Youth Soccer Program

Bozeman montana Surf Soccer Club

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Bozeman, Montana

Club Description

Montana Surf Soccer Club in Bozeman and Blitzz FC is a youth soccer club that has been operating in the Gallatin Valley for 37 years. The club offers recreational and competitive soccer programs for kids ages 4-19, with a focus on teaching life skills in the context of sport. Montana Surf/Blitzz FC aims to provide the “best of the best” soccer experiences and opportunities for its players.

The club has a long history of success and recognition in the local community and beyond. In 2022, Montana Surf had the best overall finish in the state, with three state champion teams and three runners up. The club also won several awards from Bozeman Magazine, Distinctly Montana, and the Bozeman Chronicle, for its quality of programs, coaching, and sportsmanship.

Montana Surf/Blitzz FC is guided by a set of values that shape its purpose and mission. The club believes in diversity and inclusivity, and strives to make soccer accessible to all, regardless of their socioeconomic situation4. The club also fosters a mindset for growth, teamwork, unity, resilience, responsibility, and fun among its players and staff.

The club is affiliated with Montana Youth Soccer and Surf Nation, two organizations that provide support and resources for youth soccer development. The club also has a SAFE Sports Program that ensures the safety and well-being of its players, coaches, and volunteers. The club follows the policies and bylaws of these organizations, as well as its own.

Montana Surf Soccer Club and Blitzz FC is more than just a soccer club. It is a community of passionate and dedicated people who love the game and want to share it with others. The club invites anyone who is interested in joining or supporting its programs to contact them or visit their website. Montana Surf/Blitzz FC is proud to be kicking grass in the Gallatin Valley.