FC Piamonte in Portland – Oregon’s Best Youth Soccer Program

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Portland, Oregon

Club Description

FC Piamonte in Portland, Oregon is a soccer club that was founded in 2013 by Heladio Cruz, who wanted to create a team for his family and friends. The club started with 8 players and grew to 60 players in a short time. The club’s name is inspired by a famous soccer cartoon and a place in Italy.

The club has been part of different umbrella clubs over the years, such as David Douglas Soccer Club, River Premier Soccer Club, and Santos FC. These clubs allowed FC Piamonte to play in leagues and tournaments. However, the club’s dream was to become independent and have its own identity.

In 2020, the club achieved its goal of becoming an independent club under USClub. This was a memorable year for the club, as it also franchised Atlas FC, a professional soccer team from Mexico, to develop its future players. In 2021, the club was also approved by Oregon Youth Soccer Association to play in USYouth and OYSA sanctioned leagues and tournaments.

The club cares about the community and the well-being of its players. It has a staff of coaches, assistants, team parents, and volunteers who help the club run smoothly. The club offers different programs for players of various ages and skill levels. The club also organizes social events and activities for its members.

If you are looking for a soccer club that is fun, friendly, and competitive, you might want to join FC Piamonte. You can contact the club’s president and executive director, Heladio Cruz, by email at president@fcpiamonte.org. You can also visit the club’s website to learn more about its history, vision, and values.