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San Antonio, Texas

Club Description

San Antonio City Soccer Club in San Antonio, Texas is a youth sport program that aims to develop young men and women into champions on and off the field. The club has a history of success and respect in the soccer community, competing for and winning conference and national championships. The club also values academic excellence and social responsibility among its student athletes.

The club’s philosophy is based on seven core values: fun, teamwork, respect, accountability, integrity, trust, and studiousness. These values guide the club’s actions and decisions, as well as the behavior and attitude of its members. The club strives to create a positive and supportive environment for its players, coaches, families, and alums.

The club’s style of play is characterized by intelligence, harmony, and relentlessness. The club challenges its opponents to play at a higher speed and to earn everything they get. The club’s games attract attention from the soccer community, as they showcase the club’s intensity, focus, joy, and enthusiasm.

The club is committed to providing program access to as many economically disadvantaged families as possible. The club’s Players Foundation helps families in the club afford the opportunity to play soccer and opens the door for young minds to thrive. The club believes that every child who desires to play the game has the opportunity for success not only on the field but in life as well.

The club is an integral part of its community and regularly and willingly gives back to them in appreciation for the special opportunity to represent them on and off the field. The club also stays closely connected with its alums throughout their lifetimes and welcomes them back to their soccer home. San Antonio City Soccer Club is proud to represent itself, its teammates, its families, its coaches, its alums, and its club with immense pride.