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Orem, Utah

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Utah Valley United in Orem, Utah (UVU) is the premier soccer club in Utah County for players of every skillset. UVU offers different levels of competition and development, from recreation to state leagues. UVU also has a proven history of producing successful teams and players, both on and off the field.

UVU’s philosophy is based on development, character, and success. UVU’s development-driven curriculum equips each player with the top technical skills and soccer IQ needed to compete at a high level. UVU also trains its players to be champions on and off the field, cultivating the right traits and skills that lead to future success in life.

UVU has various programs for different age groups and abilities. For younger players, UVU has a juniors program that introduces them to competitive soccer and advanced training. For older players, UVU has state and district level leagues that provide the highest level of competition in Utah and beyond. UVU also has a recreation program that is run in conjunction with the Orem Youth Soccer program, for players who want to play for fun and social reasons.

UVU is one of the most successful youth soccer clubs in all of Utah County. UVU consistently has teams ranked locally and nationally, and has won many trophies and awards. UVU also has a strong reputation for developing players who go on to play in college, professional, and national teams.

Utah Valley United is more than just a soccer club, it is a community of players, coaches, parents, and volunteers who share a passion for the beautiful game. UVU welcomes anyone who wants to join its family and enjoy the benefits of playing soccer. To learn more about UVU, visit its website or contact its technical director, Stuart Clark.