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Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Established in 1998, Cedar River Soccer Association in Iowa is a family-oriented soccer club which emphasizes sportsmanship in a fun and positive atmosphere.

CRSA’s professional coaches direct players on the field and instill values that they can carry with them off the field. CRSA is a parent-driven, nonprofit organization, with members all across Eastern Iowa with 43 State Cup Championships.

Soccer, Character, Leadership, Excellence…CRSA!


Most soccer clubs begin with a curriculum to drive player development – very few are disciplined enough to follow it. We leave our families’ education to professional teachers who follow a strict curriculum which has been shown to work over time. The same should be said for your choice in a soccer club. Our coaches follow a curriculum where the player is developed to his/her fullest potential.

This curriculum defines the number of sessions by the coaching staff as well as the types of techniques and tactics we teach.

CRSA proudly offers two distinct focus areas:

PREMIER 11-19390 MINUTES20-25

Each session is conducted by a CRSA professional coach with an average player to coach ratio of 15:1.

Depending upon the level of the player, CRSA will strive to better our players technically, tactically, mentally, and physically.

  • Technically: Ability to control the ball by receiving, passing, striking, dribbling, etc.
  • Tactically: How the team plays together; defensive & offensive strategies, speed of play, game understanding, decision making, etc.
  • Mentally: Visualization, positive self-talk, sportsmanship, etc.
  • Physically: Being in peak physical condition, diet, nutrition, hydration, etc.


The vision of Cedar River Soccer Association is to develop individual and team skills in a competitive training environment supported by a full-time professional coaching staff.

Cedar River Soccer Association is a family-oriented soccer club, emphasizing sportsmanship in a fun and positive atmosphere.


Quality coaching staff and commitment to individual and team development CRSA is fortunate to have one of the most experienced and committed professional coaching staffs in Eastern Iowa. All CRSA coaches have completed the licensing requirements of the United States Soccer Federation or other national soccer organizations.

Our training schedule, coach-to-player ratio, and coaching assignments assure continuity, but also allow for flexibility when necessary. Our coaches are committed to the CRSA mission statement which emphasizes the importance of individual development and team skills with an emphasis on sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, goal setting, social growth, and the development of life skills.

CRSA has been among the top clubs in Iowa for years due to our approach to developing young players. At young ages, we don’t place importance/pressure on winning, but rather focus on developing skills, confidence, and love for the game in our players.

We are committed to the long-term approach that may not pay dividends right away, but has well proven success down the road. We are the club that created numerous State Champions as well as the ODP, high-school and college standouts, and even MLS recruits using this approach.


The level of player that CRSA creates is unparalleled in Iowa. There are several reasons for this, primarily being our coaching staff, quality of coaching sessions, quantity of coaching sessions, and game coverage. Our professional coaches are dedicated and passionate about soccer in Eastern Iowa.