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Texarkana, Arkansas

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The Texarkana United Soccer Association in Texarkana, Arkansas offers a Recreation League that welcomes players from U5 to U14 age groups. This league is perfect for children born between 2010 and 2019, providing a fun environment to learn soccer without any skill level requirements. The program is designed to instill a love for the game, with younger players exploring soccer through small-sided games.

Volunteer coaches, supported by a Director of Coaching, ensure that each player receives the attention they need to develop their skills. The club emphasizes the importance of enjoyment and learning in a team setting, making it an ideal place for young athletes to start their soccer journey.

Each season, whether it’s Fall or Spring, brings new opportunities for growth and competition. The Fall season typically kicks off in early September, while the Spring season starts around late March or early April. Both seasons offer a series of 8-10 games, ensuring plenty of playtime for all participants.

Different age divisions have varying game formats to suit developmental needs. For instance, U5 and U6 groups play 3 v 3 without a goalkeeper, U7 and U8 play 4 v 4, U10 groups have the option of 7 v 7 or 8 v 8, U12 teams play 9 v 9, and the U14 Coed division plays the traditional 11 v 11.

The club also provides a clear schedule for the seasons, with registration opening in January for the Spring season and late registration in March. A coaches meeting in March precedes the opening game in April, and the season wraps up in May, with a rainout date set aside just in case. This structured approach ensures that everyone involved can plan and participate effectively.