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Omaha, Nebraska

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Metro Omaha Wolves Soccer Club in Omaha, Nebraska is a youth soccer organization that offers various programs for boys and girls of different ages and skill levels. The club is affiliated with the Wolverhampton North American Academy, a professional soccer club in the U.K., and follows their training philosophy and technical guide.

The club’s programs include Wolves Soccer Start, a developmental program for children born in 2017 through 2020, La Vista League and Academy, a recreational and competitive program for children aged 6 to 18, and Select, a high-level program for players who want to play in high school or small colleges. The club also provides Wolves Spirit Wear, an online store where players and fans can purchase clothing and accessories with the club’s logo and colors.

Metro Omaha Wolves Soccer Club aims to be the place to develop and play soccer for those who are interested in pursuing the sport at higher levels. The club has established relationships with many small colleges in Nebraska and neighboring states, and regularly hosts their coaches for visits and clinics. The club also helps players with college recruitment and scholarship opportunities.

Metro Omaha Wolves Soccer Club also embraces the athletes with multiple activities in their lives. The club does not discourage multi-sport athletes or expect players to drop other activities just to play soccer with Wolves. The club believes that soccer should be fun and enjoyable, and that players should have a balanced and well-rounded life.

Metro Omaha Wolves Soccer Club is a proud and passionate soccer community that strives to provide the best soccer experience for its players and families. The club welcomes anyone who wants to join the Wolves family and share the love of the game.