Ballard Youth Soccer Club – Washington’s Best Youth Soccer Program

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Seattle, Washington

Club Description

The Ballard Youth Soccer Club in Washington is for youth of all ages and skill levels, from 4 to 18 years old. You don’t need any experience to play, just a passion for the sport.

The club is a recreational club that focuses on developing players’ self-esteem and sportsmanship. You will have fun and make new friends while learning the skills and tactics of soccer. The club is run by volunteers who are dedicated to providing a quality soccer experience for the youth. The club is also a non-profit organization, so your fees go directly to supporting the club’s activities.

As a member of the soccer club, you will be part of a larger soccer community. The club is one of the 14 member clubs that form the Seattle Youth Soccer Association, which organizes leagues and tournaments for the clubs. The association is also a member of the Washington State Youth Soccer Association, which is affiliated with the national and international soccer organizations. You will have the opportunity to play against teams from different regions and levels.

The club offers soccer programs for different seasons and age groups. You can register for the fall league, which runs from September to December, or the spring league, which runs from March to June. You can also join the summer camps, which are held in July and August. The club provides uniforms, equipment, and coaching for all the players. You just need to bring your own cleats, shin guards, and water bottle.

If you are interested in joining the Ballard Youth Soccer Club, you can visit their website and fill out the online registration form. You can also find more information about the club’s mission, rules, field locations, news, and contact details on the website. You can also follow the club on social media to stay updated on the latest events and announcements. Don’t miss this chance to be part of a great soccer club and have fun playing the beautiful game.