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Burlington-Edison, Washington

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Do you love soccer and want to share that passion with your kids? If so, you might be interested in joining the Recreational Soccer (REC Soccer) program offered by Burlington-Edison Youth Soccer in Washington (B-EYS). REC Soccer is a fun and friendly way to introduce your children to the sport and help them develop their skills, coordination, and teamwork.

REC Soccer is open to all kids ages 5 to 13, regardless of their skill level. There are no tryouts or cuts, so everyone can enjoy playing soccer in a supportive environment. The games take place every Saturday from September 9 to October 28, and the practices are held once or twice a week in the afternoons or evenings starting from late August.

The coaches and staff of REC Soccer are all trained volunteers who love soccer and want to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with the kids. They focus on teaching the individual skills and the spirit of the game, while emphasizing fun and fair play. They also provide feedback and encouragement to help the kids improve their confidence and performance.

REC Soccer is divided into different divisions based on the age and gender of the players. Each division follows the rules and guidelines of the Skagit Valley Youth Soccer Association (SVYSA), which is the governing body of youth soccer in the region. SVYSA also organizes an end-of-season tournament for the eligible teams of each division, where they can compete with other clubs and showcase their skills.

If you are interested in joining REC Soccer, you can register online through the Burlington-Edison Youth Soccer website. The registration fee is $75 per player, which includes a uniform, a ball, and a participation award. The registration deadline is June 30, so don’t miss this opportunity to enroll your kids in a fun and rewarding soccer program. For more information, you can contact the B-EYS club at beyouthsoccer@gmail.com or visit their Facebook page.